Luggage Tie Down System

We are now offering luggage tie down option using the popular L-track (also sometimes called logistic track or airline track due to its popularity in the airline industry). At the time of build we can install the L-track to the tank. This can give you a variety of mounting options.


The L-Track Rail

L-track tie down rails were made popular in the airline industry as a way to secure seats, but the versatility of this aluminum tracking makes it an excellent choice for many consumer tie downs uses. We stock 2", 6" and 12" rail lengths which can be installed in almost any location on the tank. 

Price 2" length welded to tank at specified location $7.50 each when ordered with tank. 

Tie Down Options

There are a multitude of types of tie downs and sources. We encourage you to shop around to see what piques your interest. We are currently stocking 2 models: a Single Stud Fitting w/ Stainless Steel Round Ring, and a Double Stud Fitting with Bolt Threads.

Single Stud Fitting w/ Stainless Steel Round Ring

The single stud fitting is designed to  create a secure tie down point quickly. The large O-ring accepts a wide variety of hooks, snaps, and straps. Once installed, it can handle 4,000 lbs. of pressure. The spring-loaded plunger-style mechanism is easy to use: place thumb inside the ring and push down on the stud while lifting the clip with your index and middle fingers. Insert the bottom disc into the desired round opening on the track. Slide the fitting in either direction so it’s halfway between two of the tracks openings and let the clip fall on both sides of the fitting in the round slots on either side of the stud. To remove, simply lift the clip, slide to an opening and remove from the track.

Price $5.00 each when ordered with tank.

Bolt Anchor

Clients had requested a bar type mount and this fit the bill. 

Price for tie down $4.00 each when ordered with tank.
Price for bar $10 each when ordered with tank.

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