Custom Designs & Builds

We can do a variety of custom work from trash bins to auxiliary fuel tanks. Just shoot us your requirements and we'll see if we can work you into our schedule.

Our most common requests are for auxiliary tanks. Here is some information which will help you with your request.

The least expensive part of a fuel tank is the tank itself. You can find new drag race type tanks for as low as $150 and used ones can be picked up for much less. The problem with these tanks is that the physical dimensions and capacity may not meet your exact needs. This is where we excel we can make a tank to your specified dimensions and capacity for as little as $200.

But the tank is the easy and low cost element of an auxiliary fuel system. You have to get it plumbed and mounted to the bike. This is where the expenses start adding up. 

Here is a PDF price list that we use to estimate prices. Please take a look at this as it will give you a good idea of what an auxiliary fuel system will cost you. Especially if you decide to do it yourself. 

Generic Price List

Here are some samples of our custom work:

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Luggage Tie Down System

We are now offering luggage tie down option using the popular L-track (also sometimes called logistic track or airline track due to its popularity in the airline industry). At the time of build we can install the L-track to the tank. This can give you a variety of mounting options.


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L-Track Tie Down Option

Optional L-Track Tie Down Points

Several clients have asked about tie down points. With a bit of homework we think we've come up with an optimal solution, the L-Track system. These components are readily available and reasonably priced.
This is the L-Track.
It accommodates a variety of tie downs that snap in place. Shown is a 2" long L-Track segment. This is the recommended length since it will accommodate both single and double tie downs. Any length is available if you want to extend your tie down options. This sample is bolted in place for demo purposes. We would weld these to the tank at specified locations.


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K1200 LT Pillion Utility Mounting

This item replaces the pillion seat to allow you to have a platform suitable for any use such as luggage or a cell of your own choosing. 

It uses pilliion seat mounting locations for quick changeover.

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