Custom Auxiliary Tank RFQ


The following form is for a quotation/build request for a Custom Built Auxiliary Tank.

Prices on this form are for a basic tank similar to what is pictured. The tank is the easy part, the mounting is where things get expensive.

Completing this form is NOT a commitment on your part to purchase a system nor for us to build a system for you, it is merely an RFQ to kick off the design process. Prices are subject to change prior to issuance of a firm quotation.

Notes for completing the form:

  • Prices are subject to change until issuance of a firm quotation.
  • Build time varies depending on our workload, generally, it is a minimum of 3 weeks but can be longer. [This is a retirement hobby.]
  • We ask for some personally identifiable information to estimate shipping charges and for record keeping purposes. 
    This information is private to us and as secure as our reputable hosting organization. Please review our Privacy Policy

Baseline Equipment Information:*
Tank Additional Costs:
Mounting Options:(1)
These are custom made to your specifications.
Please provide the following information:
  • maximum width (left to right) and length (front to back) of tank
  • maximum height--be sure to account for opening your top case lid
  • position you would like the filler neck (side/rear/front/top)
  • approximate position of mounting points (bottom or side)
Motorcycle Information*
Stock tank capacity per your owner's manual:*
Desired Delivery Date (+ 4 weeks minimum with transit time)
Information requested for shipping purposes.
Privacy Policy
used for shipping notifications)
Please include any information which may be relevant to your request.
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