K1600 & R1200 Auxiliary Fuel/Luggage Deck


The BMW Luggage Rack Mount (LRM) System is a modular design that allows you to mix and match to build the exact system you want. 

The core of the design is the universal mounting plate. It can be deployed on BMW models equipped with the "grid type" luggage rack which attaches the 49 liter top case. These models include the new K1600GT and GTL, all flavors of the R1200, the R, RT, and ST, the K1200GT, and the K1300GT.

Using this mounting plate as a basis, you can opt for just the luggage deck or, as is shown here an auxiliary fuel tank and the luggage deck.

The only variation on the models is the tank capacity as follows:

  • R1200RT 2005 to 2009 - stock tank capacity 7.13 gallons, auxiliary tank capacity 4.27 gallons
  • R1200RT 2010 and up - stock tank capacity 6.6 gallons, auxiliary tank capacity 4.84 gallons
  • K1600GTL 2012 and up - stock tank capacity 7.0 gallons, auxiliary tank capacity 4.47 gallons

NOTE: Auxiliary tank capacities are nominal. We assure they are plus 0.0 (zero) gallons from the specification but may vary minus by 0.2 gallon.

  • System
    • Quick release mounting
    • Fits BMW lattice type luggage rack
    • Powder coated to prevent scratching and marring
    • All components shock mounted
  • Mounting Plate
    • Fabricated from solid aluminum plate
    • Uses stainless steel hardware
    • Uses stock BMW rubber mounting pads
    • Multiple mounting holes to facilitate positioning of options
      • The tank/deck has 4 mounting holes to affix it to the mounting plate.
        The mounting plate has holes drilled and tapped to receive the mounting bolts from the tank/deck.
         There are a total of 12 holes in the mounting plate to allow for adjustments of the tank/deck position forward or rearward as shown in the following figure.
  • Luggage Deck
    • Fabricated from 1/8" aluminum sheet
    • 3/4" antenna mounting holes in rear corners
    • Rectangular tie down slots around the perimeter
    • Upturn at front to prevent forward movement of luggage
  • Tank
    • Fabricated from marine grade aluminum alloy for long life
    • TIG welded joints
    • Integral baffling
    • Side mounted filler neck to prevent spillage on luggage.
    • Non-vented cap affixed to the tank with a brass lanyard
    • Integral grounding point
  • Quick Connect Luggage System (optional)
    • Pelican/Storm iM2500 wheeled case (airline carry-on qualified)
    • Quick release mechanism for secure attachment to luggage deck
    • Rugged padlockable latching mechanism
  • Mounting Plate
    • aluminum alloy plate
    • 12"x12" (nominal) outside dimensions
    • 5 pounds weight
    • M8 mounting holes
  • Luggage Deck
    • 1/8" 5052 marine grade aluminum alloy
    • 24" x 14" with 4" upturn at the front
    • 1/2" x 1" x 13" extruded 6061 aluminum tube mounting rails with end caps
    • M4 stainless steel socket flat head mounting screws
  • Tank
    • .100" thick 5052 marine grade aluminum alloy
    • 1/4" FNPT drain bung to accept readily available fittings
    • 1/8" FNPT bung for vent line in filler neck
    • Pressure tested at 4psi for a minimum of 12 hours
    • Capacity is to your specification with a tolerance of minus .2 gallons, plus 0 gallons
  • Quick Connect Luggage System (optional)
    • Pelican/Storm iM2500 wheeled case (airline carry-on qualified)
    • Quick release mechanism for secure attachment to luggage deck
    • Rugged padlockable latching mechanism

Pricing is based on complete turn key systems. Contact us for a quotation on modified systems. 

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You must also acknowledge that you have read and understand the following notice on motorcycle loading when purchasing an LRM System. 

The load rating on the rear rack of the BMW Motorcycle models we support is the weight of the top case (approximately 18 pounds) plus 10kg/22lbs for a BMW recommended total load weight of 40 lbs.

The LRM system dry weight is approximately 16lbs. Fuel can add up to 29 pounds for a total load 45 pounds. This is in excess of the manufacturer's recommendation.

Adding the Storm case (12 pounds) and the things you will pack in it will put you significantly over this recommendation. 

That being said, the system has stood up well to road testing. A client, with a loaded Storm case, hit a chuckhole at speed suffering severe wheel damage. The LRM brackets needed a slight adjustment afterwards and the BMW rack stood up well. You must still take these factors into consideration when optiing for this system.

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