Customer feedback is highly valued as through this we improve and expand our services. Here is a selection from various clients...

"I am using the LRM on my K16 and have not had any handling issues. System works great." Tom L.

"I have the prototype cell (first one) in this design on my 09 R1200RT. I love it. I can have the cell off in just a few minutes and back on in the same. I understand from Mike Langford that since I got my cell he's resigned the mounting plate making it even easier to remove. I also use the pelican case and had it with me on several recent rallies and there were no issues. I can't really say enough about the quality of Mike's work or the care he puts into them or problems experienced. After I took my bike for a leap, bending both wheels my fuel cell bracket was loose. He tightened things back up for me and it's been great. BTW, it easily passed the Warchild shake test in Montana." Nancy L.

"Another vote for Mike's fuel cell and top box.  I have nothing but praise for mike and his work.  I rode in and he installed it for me.  Great guy, great product.  Worth every penny.  I don't even notice it's back there." Rick G.

"I have #2 on a K1300GT and will probably add one to the new F700GS we got. No issues at all. What happens in Nevada stays in Nevada, so you can interpolate the issues of handling at speed. Have run it full, 2 up, at a pretty spirited pace up on 89 through Prescott and Jerome and again no issue. Mike does a great job, and the devil is always in the details. You should have no issue. No sloshing issues at all. However I have never had an issue with sloshing in any fuel cell I've ever had, even those without foam, or baffling." Mike H. 

"I liked Mike's cells so much I bought 2! I bought Alan R's FJR and ran the IBR 2013 with it using a Pelican case up on top. Plus I had him ship one to Australia and I fitted it to a training FJR here - again with the Pelican on top. Great set-up." Peter H.

"I run a flat bed fuel cell with 1550 Pelican case. Opted for fuel pump version for fuel location awareness, pardon my OCD. Nothing but miles(25k)with the unit. Consistanly go 475 between fuel stops with the FJR. I am not an aggressive rider so handling has not been a factor, but she is a husky girl with full fuel, tools, spares, etc., etc... As a side note, I have accomplished "the lift" (don't ask) two times however with a full load. And no it didn't leak." Jim F.

"I had IB Pete's fuel cell on my FJR and carried a loaded Pelican case on the cargo platform with no problems whatsoever. Hope you like yours as much as I liked mine!" Alan R.

"The tank took 5.265 gallons to fill. This was to the first shut off and I didn't try to squeeze in any more. After about 30 miles I opened the valve and the main tank filled back up in about 15 minutes, all while traveling at 75-80 MPH. Kudos to you, all worked exactly as advertised." Vernon L.

"I have put a little over 12k since the install and have no issues.  Love the set up and again, thanks for your expertise." Bob S.

"The tank drew quite a few comments, mainly becuase it disappears into the bike and it isnt till people look closely that it becomes obvious. you did do a magnificent job, no doubt about it.." Ian M.

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