Triumph Trophy SE Fork Mounted Light Brackets

IMG 2049

If you're looking for a way to mount auxiliary lights on the TTSE this may be your solution. We made these up for a customer and went into production. 

These mount low on the front fork, an excellent location for fog lights, daytime running lights, or infill lights.

This mounting plate is fabricated out of 1/4" thick 6061 aluminum alloy billet material and powder coated with a semi-gloss black finish. Stainless steel mounting bolts and nylon standoffs are included. 

You get two mount plates, 4 metric stainless steel fender mount replacement bolts, and 4 standoffs.

The holes drilled in the mounting plate are specific for Clearwater Darla lights. You might have to modify the hole pattern for other lights. Light mounting hole dimensions are shown in the drawing image.

This mount will fit current (as of 2016 Triumph Trophy SE (1215) models.

 $50 each

Shipping Charges

  • USA -- First Class Parcel $00.00
  • Outside USA -- First Class Parcel $20.00

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