Triumph Trophy SE Dash Accessory Shelf

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Please contact us for date of resupply. Sometime in late August 2017

You are looking at our dash mounted shelf for the Trophy SE.

This mounting places your GPS or accessory device conveniently above the instrument panel just below your line of sight. 

It has been field tested with 2 GPS units, a Valentine V1 radar detector, a SPOT satellite tracker, pens, and garage door opener. It is very sturdy and vibration is minimal, no more than one gets with the instrument panel. Much less than we have observed with other dash mounted accessory shelves.

Check out the video in the photos tab.

This unit is priced at $150.


  • It mounts using the stock dash retaining screws, no drilling or motorcycle modification required!
  • The shelf is drilled in the AMPS hole pattern for up to 5 mounting devices. The AMPS pattern is used on Ram Mounts and other electronic devices
  • Wrinkle black powder coating to minimize glare
  • 30 day money back guarentee


This unit is fabricated as follows:

  • shelf is constructed from 1/8" 5052 marine grade aluminum alloy (5052)
  • wrinkle black powder coating on shelf to prevent glare
  • mounting hardware (brackets, bolts, and nuts) are stainless steel

What's in the package:

  • shelf
  • outer brackets
  • inner brackets
  • mounting bolts and nuts


Coming back from the IBR was this beautiful sunset. I shot this video which shows my fully loaded dash shelf as I'm traveling down I8 east of El Centro. This has a Streetpilot 2820, a Nuvi 2797, and a Valentine V1 on Ram mounts. The ram arms are almost horizontal so there is a lot of torque being applied to the shelf. I have put at least 25,000 miles on this configuration and the shelf is doing just fine. You can see that the devices remain very stable.

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Triumph Trophy SE Fork Mounted Light Brackets

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If you're looking for a way to mount auxiliary lights on the TTSE this may be your solution. We made these up for a customer and went into production. 

These mount low on the front fork, an excellent location for fog lights, daytime running lights, or infill lights.

This mounting plate is fabricated out of 1/4" thick 6061 aluminum alloy billet material and powder coated with a semi-gloss black finish. Stainless steel mounting bolts and nylon standoffs are included. 

You get two mount plates, 4 metric stainless steel fender mount replacement bolts, and 4 standoffs.

The holes drilled in the mounting plate are specific for Clearwater Darla lights. You might have to modify the hole pattern for other lights. Light mounting hole dimensions are shown in the drawing image.

This mount will fit current (as of 2016 Triumph Trophy SE (1215) models.

 $50 each

Shipping Charges

  • USA -- First Class Parcel $00.00
  • Outside USA -- First Class Parcel $20.00

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