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Brass Quick Connect

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These are Two Way Shut-Off - with valving in both the socket and the plug, thereby shutting off flow at both of the disconnected ends.

While these are not the smallest units on the market they certainly are the least expensive by at least half. 

We sell the components separately. This allows you to mix and match. Pick up an extra plug, attach a hose, and you have an easy way to get fuel out of your auxiliary tank. Think what a hero you can be by helping out a stranded biker or motorist for just a few dollars.

 Constructed of solid brass with NPT fittings to allow for any end type to be employed.

Conform with ISO 7241-1. Series A Standard industrial interchange design where sockets and plugs of the same size will couple together. 

Positive locking - Socket sleeve must be manually retracted to connect and disconnect.

  • Brass Construction
  • Viton O-Rings
  • Stainless Steel springs
  • Stainless Steel valves
  • 3500 psi

Brass Quick Connect/Disconnect Valved SOCKET (female connector) 

  • End type ¼" Female NPT 
  • Dimensions 1¼"  Dia. x 2¼" overall length
  • Weight 4.7 ounces.

Brass Quick Connect/Disconnect Valved PLUG (male connector) 

  • End type ¼" Female NPT
  • Dimensions  ¾"  Dia. x 1½" overall length
  • Weight 1.4 ounces.

Note that the hose barbs are sold separately, they are in the photo to give you a size perspective.


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